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Steve has been a real estate agent in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virgina since 2006.  Prior to selling real estate, Steve practiced as an attorney in Washington, DC for 19 years, working in the areas of litigation, legislation and Cuba-related matters.  Steve received his law degree from Columbia Law School, and his undergraduate degree from Wesleyan University.  He is fluent in Spanish.


Steve applies the skills and experience he gained as an attorney in his representation of his real estate clients, particularly when it comes to drafting contracts and negotiating on behalf of buyers and sellers.


Also, because of his experience as an attorney, Steve is highly focused on his duties to his clients as a                .  Fiduciary duty is the highest standard of care one person can owe another under the law.  A fiduciary is legally bound to put the best interests of his client first, even above the fiduciary's own interests.  Fiduciary duty is the obligation owed by a doctor to her patient, or an accountant or an attorney to his client.  Not many people realize it, but that is the exact same level of care owed by a real estate agent to his client, and it is the guiding principle of Steve's business.   Steve's pledge to his clients is this:



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