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"When I first became a real estate agent, my greatest fear was that I would be viewed by friends, associates and potential clients as pushy or annoying, and only interested in making a sale.  I resent salespeople who behave that way, and if I exhibited similar behavior, I would expect to be resented, as well.


I did not feel entirely comfortable asking for business until I resolved in my own mind to base every decision I made as an agent on one principle:  my clients’ best interests would come first, without exception.  This, in turn, led to my commitment to work 100% by referral, so that instead of using traditional 'hard sell' methods of generating leads, such as door-knocking, advertising or cold-calling strangers, I concentrated all my efforts and resources on serving my clients – before, during and after the sale.  My approach is to provide you valuable information through my mailings, market updates, referrals to service providers, and complimentary annual price analyses of your home.  I want to be your first resource for any home-related questions or needs.


I know this may sound a bit odd for a real estate agent, but my goal for any given client is not necessarily to to help them buy or sell a home.  Rather, I want to help my clients do whatever is in their best interests to do at that time.  For some clients, that may be to buy or sell a home as soon as possible; for other clients, it may mean not buying or selling a home at this time.  Ultimately, my goal is to put your best interests first; exceed your expectations; and thereby earn your trust and your referrals."



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